The Alex House Project

We're a community of parents working together.

On top our parenting programs, we also make sure that participants have access to as many opportunities as possible. We provide access to education, social service support and help with job opportunities.

Whether it’s help advancing your education or help finding a job to support you and your family, we’re here to help you make your next big move. 

Our participants should walk away from our program as newfound leaders with improved parenting skills. Once a participant completes the program, they can choose to be a parent-educator and develop leadership skills that can be carried into the other areas of their lives.

Parent educators learn how to manage other participants and lead a room. Parent educators can take the skills learned here into management or leadership roles outside of TAHP.

Benefits we offer

  • Get Paid

    A parent-educator is a two-year, paid position. Peer educators also function as staff.
  • Connect with young parents

    Going through a pregnancy can be lonely. Connect with other teenage parents who are having similar experiences. You have access to an entire community who understand and are supportive of whatever you’re going through.
  • Enrich your community

    Allow your community to grow through you. Encouraging other young parents to participate in our programs can cause a domino effect of parents breaking toxic cycles and providing a holistic parenting approach.
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