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Samora Coles

Founder and Executive Director

Under her leadership, TAHP has transformed the lives of young mothers and their children by developing structured programs that specifically deal with creating a new self-perception and a new atmosphere for re-parenting. Through this holistic approach young mothers create, disseminate and are leaders of the programs here at TAHP. In early 2015, young dads in the Red Hook community sought out Ms. Coles for her nurturance and guidance. This started a widespread program of assisting not only mothers but fathers as well; growing TAHP to what it is today.

Rebecca Fishburne

Deputy Director

As Deputy Director, Ms. Fishburne oversees the planning, development, and services for young mothers and fathers within TAHP. She makes sure that our program protocols are followed by working with program staff, and works with evaluators to ensure that outcomes, evaluations and unique features of our programs are documented, published and communicated to policy makers, and others who may be interested in our work. She also ensures that programs meet contractual and budgetary goals and objectives.

Ms. Fishburne connects our parents to support services such as mental health, child care, employment, and higher education as they transition throughout TAHP programs. She brings a background in youth development and also serves as our family worker/case manager. Her expertise as a family worker is accredited by the New York City DYCD (Department of Youth and Community Development).

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