A Holistic Approach to Parenting

The Alex House Project

The Alex House Project envisions a world in which low-income families benefit from comprehensive supports, and young mothers, in particular, successfully transition into parenthood, with access to parenting training, higher education, and employment.

Our Mission

A peer-led organization for young parents.

Our mission is to increase long-term family-sufficiency by providing a safe and nurturing environment for parent education and leadership development with support to access higher education and the workforce.

For the entire family

We not only help parents, but their children as well. By learning healthy parenting methods, educating themselves, and using our resources to move up in the workforce, the children of our clients benefit as well. Seeing their parents excel sets them up for a brighter future.

Our Community

The Alex House Project supports high need, parenting youth, including, but not limited to, underserved homeless youth, LGBTQ youth, young women in new immigrant communities and parenting youth in foster care from NYC’s five boroughs.

Our community is directly affected by poverty, homophobia and racism. We draw from mother-and-child group homes, family foster care, domestic violence shelters, as well as referrals from community-based organizations, city and state-funded institutions.